Black Bedroom Bondage Bed Restraints

bedroom bondage restraint set

Turn Any Bed Into A Bondage Playground! This simple but versatile bed restraint system features a nylon strap that runs head-to-foot under your mattress, and 4 length adjustable tethers that attach to it and come up over the mattress. They can come up from the sides, or up from the ends, or a combination of […]

Fetish Fantasy Spinning Sex Swing

spinning sex swing

Enjoy Weightless Sex In Any Position! The spinning sex swing from Fetish Fantasy features 2 support straps and 2 ankle/leg stirrups, all of which are adjustable to hold you or your partner in a wide variety of positions. The swiveling mounting clip allows the swing to rotate, adding some enjoyable scenarios like switching quickly between […]

Axis Adjustable Angle Sex Machine

axis fucking machine

Endlessly Fuck Your Partner In Any Position! The Axis Multi-angle sex machine from XR Brands ‘LoveBots’ line features a thrusting rod that can be adjusted from horizontal to 45 degrees, allowing for a wide variety of position possibilities. Its thrusting speed runs between 50 and 250 strokes per minute, with a stroke length of up […]

Rubber Coated Steel Jennings Gag

XR Brands Masters Series rubber coated steel Jennings gag

Dental Style Stainless Steel Jennings Gag Frequently used during medical and dental procedures to hold the patient’s mouth open, the Jennings gag is very effective at holding your submissive’s mouth open as well. Its adjustment mechanism allows you to open it up to 2 1/2″, giving you easy access to his or her mouth… for […]

Gladiator Studded Harness And Pouch

male power gladiator

Male Power Studded Men’s Fetish Harness The Gladiator harness and pouch set is made with studded ‘Wet Look’ faux leather, with three straps attaching to a studded collar. The bottom end of the middle strap connects to the studded thong-style pouch. It comes in Small/Medium and Large/X-Large. Click For Pricing    

Fetish Mesh Garter Slip & G-String


Dreamgirl Garter Slip & G-String With Restraints This sexy stretch mesh garter slip from Dreamgirl features an open back with wide straps, a velcro-closing collar with a silver front ring, a removable chain with wrist restraints and adjustable attached garter straps. The g-string is included, the stockings are not. It’s made in One Size. Click […]

Black Strict Leather Riding Crop

Short black Strict Leather riding crop from from XR Brands

Short Black Leather Crop From XR Brands This compact crop is just under 18″ long, making it very easy to handle and land with accuracy. The rubber handle means it’s easy to grip, giving you even more control. It has a flexible plastic handle, wrapped in woven black fabric, and a paddle shaped tip that […]

Rapture Black Leather Face Mask


Black Leather Hannibal Style Mask This mask from Rapture Novelties features large cut-outs for the eyes and nose, and cut out mouth slots for easy breathing. Straps across the top of the head help to position it, it’s held in place with 2 buckling straps that close behind the head. It’s adjustable enough to fit […]

The Enforcer Wooden Black Humbler

the humbler

The Humbler Cock & Ball Torture Device From XR Brands ‘Masters Series’, the Humbler is a simple but devious device intended to give you full control over your slave’s positioning. It clamps around his scrotum just above the balls, pressing against the tops of his legs, and makes moving or standing extremely difficult. If you’re […]

Strict Leather Blindfold And Ball Gag Harness


Ball Gag & Head Harness w/Blindfold Available with a red ball or a black one, this head harness from XR Brands ‘Strict Leather’ line features an adjustable head harness that will fit everyone, and an oversized blindfold that will keep your submissive in the dark for as long as you choose. The blindfold is padded […]

Bling And Sting Flogger And Wrist Cuff Set


Sportsheets Zirconia Decorated Bondage Set The ‘Bling And Sting’ bondage set from Sportsheets gives you a great looking set of bondage gear that will start your collection off on the right foot. The kit includes a pair of buckling cuffs, blindfold and flogger – all decorated with sparkling rhinestones. A spreader bar and glass kegel […]